Add CDs to release


I started a release that has multiple CDs witht he first CD via picard/CD lookup and added it manually to musicbrainz. Now I want to add the next CD, but I have no Idea how to do that. When I do the same picard->lookup cd->add manually I will end up on the page where I can search for the release. But I can’t find it using the provided search for release. So I tried it using the artist search, and there I got the error “xx has no releases which have 11 tracks.”

It looks like its searching for existing data that I want to add in the first place. Looks weird to me, can someone help and explain how can I add more CDs to the release?


Hi Muzzer. You have one, maybe two, obstacles.

  1. Find your recently added release by using search. It will either show you results or give you no results.
    Down the bottom of that page there is a more advanced search panel.
    Results per page:
    Search method:
    You need to select “Direct database search” and then repeat the search for your recently added release.
  2. To add a CD: “Edit” the release. Then “Tracklist” then lower left is
    Cancel Previous. Next. Add medium.
    “Add medium” is how you add additional CDs ( or LPs, cassettes, etc).


That is not my problem, I can find my release with the normal search, but not with the search that is provided on the “cdtoc/attach” page. This page is called, when I use CD lookup --> lookup manually in Picard. This page shows me two search fields when I’am logged in: search for release, search for artist.

(Fun fact for that page: when I’am not logged in it is even more exploratory, because it shows me that the CD with the TOC 1 11 347451 150 32681 74266 112498 131158 157212 173776 207697 243703 274873 307425. When I’am logged in it just says something vague like associated with the information you provided.)

However, I’am logged in and try to use the two search field, but they wont find my release, though the normal search is able to find it

I already have been on that page, but I dont know which option to choose:

  1. Manual entry - I don’t want to enter the data manually, it should be possible to do it automatically like with the first CD
  2. Existing Medium - no, it doesn’t exist yet. Or do I perhaps have to add the CD on the afore described cdtoc/attach page as new release (what would be wrong) and then I can find it here? mh
  3. cd stub import - that might be possible, that would mean I have to be logged out, add the cd as stub, then login and find it here?! that can’t be the correct way :slight_smile:

So, still I don’t know how to add more CDs to my release in a proper way :slight_smile:


I add all CD the same way that you did the first CD with Picard, then I merge all the 1CD releases into one multi-CD release.


ok I tried to do it that way, not very comfortably and it looks strange…and I guess I have to wait again for 7 days again now?


As an alternate way to add a medium using the manual tracklist editor without having to retype everything, I created an export script for Mp3tag.


$loop(%_filename_ext%)%track%. %title% - %artist% (%_length%)

That will produce a tracklist that can be easily read by the track parser.


But don’t forget to then submit Disc IDs then apply track times so the milliseconds are set, afterwards. :slight_smile: