Add CD for existing LP release

I have a CD that was originally released as an album:

Is the CD considered a separate release from the album? I want to be able to to CD ID info which I understand is not possible for a LP.

Thanks and sorry if this question has been asked a million times.

Yes, reissues/other formats are considered a seperate ‘release’ :slight_smile:

If you go to the release group page:

And hit ‘add release’ on the right hand side, you can fill out all the information from your CD version, release date, barcode, packaging etc. Then it will give you the option of re-using the tracklist/recordings from the LP release (just change the format to CD after selecting that option, and check the numbering etc).
Then you’re done! Should be pretty quick. Let us know if you need a hand.


Thanks, got it done.

However, I wonder if it’s right. In the artist’s album list, my entry (at the top) looks like a duplicate:


It was close to perfect, except that:

Both issues have been fixed by @SheamusPatt in edit #41477004.


@andmalc: It would be great, if you could scan the back side from your CD case. Mostly you can see the missing dates from this “back cover”. If you also own the booklet, many of us are happy to get additional informations about all the involved people.:innocent::wink: Thanks for your addition!