Add brackets to featuring artist and & symbol

Hi all,

I tried to find something similar on other posts and the closest was this one:

Mine’s a little different in the sense I am requesting a script that can do:

  1. Changes ft./featuring/feat to “feat.” (assuming this will also move ‘feat. xxx’ to title)
  2. Adds brackets around the featuring artist (i.e. ‘feat. xxxx’)
  3. Adds “&” before the last featuring artist (if more than one).

For example:
Calvin Harris - Feels (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean )

Furthermore, I’m not a coder by any stretch of the imagination but my understanding is the script you provide (if anyone see’s this and replies with an answer), must then be saved as a .py and then added to MusicBrainz Picard as a plugin? If so, how does one take your script and turn it into a .py file? Using Mac btw

Thanks in advance! Love your work guys!!

I don’t think you will find something that does what you want for your cases.

However there is a plugin called “Feat. Artists in Titles” that will move it to the title.
I don’t I know if can do the brackets around it.

and 3. the “&” in the artists name that should be fixed in the data. That would be the general standard.

It is better to link to individual cases of musicbrainz data so we have a better understanding of what releases you are referring to.

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