Add Artist... "Enter Edits" Greyed Out. Can Not submit new artist

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I have been trying to figure out how to submit a new Artist. I need to add the artist to the music brainz database first; then submit the music. None is his music has ever been released before. This is his first ever official release that is available through all the major digital stores and streaming services, iTunes, Amazon, Google, pandora, spotify etc… But when I search Music Brainz I can not find his music or him as an artist. so long story short… what is the problem, why is the “Enter Edits” button Greyed Out when I try to add new artist to the music brains database?


Usually that happens if you haven’t entered some required information. A screenshot might help us figure out exactly what’s missing.


Thanks!! I figured it out. I was leaving the “sort Name” field blank, once i filled that field in the submit edits became active.
Thanks for you quick response.