Add an instrument type for standard groupings [STYLE-936]

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Since nobody seemed to hate this idea, I’ve added it. I’m sure @CatQuest will have a bunch of ensembles soon :slight_smile:


OK, so there is hierarchy in place after all, contrary to what I thought from another thread. (Because area/place are otherwise handled as “separate [equal] types, in both menu and search engine”, I thought this display must be a 3-pointer.) Or, when adding Place, maybe Area field is obligatory, relation thereby set and hierarchy mimicked in result display. If so, there should be slacker cases of “[Place] in [Country]”, i.e. “skipping” [city]. Thanks, I have no clear understanding but will not ask more.

@CatQuest: [Dwindling on standardizing standard groupings deleted.] Guessing your marinades spilling into eachother merrily, I would like just a word or two of yours on it.


Place in Area isn’t really stored as a standard relationship at all right now, it’s stored in the same way as artist birth/death/main areas, or release labels. Area in Area in Area etc isn’t n-point, it’s literally a recursive X is in Y and Y is in Z so X is in Y, Z thing we do for display :slight_smile:


As it should better be, then, and I should be better at describing. (I am better at it in music though, especially recursive transforms.) Thanks again, will have a look at it in action.


eh do you mean on this edit
well to be completely frank I don’t mind as much these “recorded at place (and) are” duplications that much, anyway I don’t as often edit those so it’s probably better in this case to listen to reosarevok :3


Ah, again I did not get the ‘New notes’ notification for that comment, but it pops up in beta. No, I wondered from your comment in this thread

whether anything would be gained by standardizing standard groupings, and, if so, how; and presumed that to be your other course. Instead of, say, “Bassoon Quintet”, “Clarinet Quintet”, “Piano Quintet” – all standard “String Quartet” + nominal 1?*) For each instrument’s egocentric relationpoint, whether groupings be nominal as these, there are 3 principal constellations, for instance Bassoon Quartet:
Equale (4 bassoons)
Nominal (basson + [3 instruments of same family/section in standard grouping] = bassoon standout)
Mix ([bassoon in standard section grouping]: [flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon] = “W[oodw]ind Quartet”)
Just loose thoughts here, from outside MB mechanics.

*) Occasionally String Quintet is discerned as “Viola Quintet“/“Cello Quintet”, but that whichever added instrument seldom stands out. A few works has added Violin, but it tend to be outstanding enough for solo in Chamber Concerto (Pettersson). And exceptionally the 5th member be a double bass (as in Reger’s Str4 0 Finale).


Have tickets been made for this?


STYLE-609 is the general “merge vocals with instruments” thing - I don’t think I added a separate one for orchestra yet.