Accepted Edits for Recording Not Propagated


I recently corrected a release’s name and it was accepted, but the change didn’t seem to propagate out to all the albums containing the release.

Here’s the first example:
I corrected “Who Am I (What’s My Name?)” to “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?”. Note the position of the question mark. The Release name was changed upon acceptance, but you can see that the albums associated aren’t updated.

I’m new at this, so I’m not sure if I did something wrong. Can some one explain this to me?



What you changed is a Track and its associated Recording. But since each tracklist/Medium have their own sets of Track names separate from the Recording names, changes to the Recording do not propagate to all the Tracks the Recording is associated with.

E.g., if a Release has “Awesome Track (single version)” listed on the track lasting, the Recording might only be called “Awesome Track” (maybe with “single version” as disambiguation).

So if you want all Tracks to have the fixed question mark, you need to fix every Release using the Recording. Note however that Release where the question mark is inside the parenthesis on the cover’s track listing should maybe also be listed like that in MusicBrainz.

(Sorry if this is all too technical. Maybe someone can explain it in a simple manner. :confused: )


Rock and Roll All Night by Kiss is a good example of why it may be best not to change every listing automatically…
There’s a dozen different spellings that appear on various albums.


Ah Ok. I see. I just started looking through all the albums and it seems that the Recording should be how I corrected it, but there are some compilation albums that have question mark inside the parenthesis. I’ll go through and make edits to make all the albums correct. :slight_smile:


Ok… I feel kind of stupid here, but I don’t see a way to change the spelling of a track for a specific album. Any pointers on where to do it? The only thing I see is if I edit an album I can change the Release associated, which I don’t want to do… I just want to change the track name.


But correct by the specific album, even if it is incorrect on the specific album.

Meaning – Rock and roll All Night when the album says Rock and roll All Night,
but when the album says Rock n Roll All Nite you are to use Rock n Roll All Nite


Yes. That’s what I meant by “correct”. I’ll check each album for a back cover, etc.
I just don’t see how to do it though. There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit the track name for a given album.


Ok… I found it. I have to use the track parser. You can tell I’m new to this. :blush:


We were all new at one point.
I am still new as well. I learn because I ask.