Absolute Beginner: Saving changes to files

Hi everybody. I am new here. And an absolute beginner. However, I managed to drag and drop and tag my first thirty songs or so. All were found, all were tagged correctly, as far as I can see. Every single file is marked green.
However, clicking the “Safe”-button does not do anything with the files in the original folders. The files there remain in their former - and incorrect - order.
I probably forgot something, right?
Thank you so much for helping, and greetings from over here.

In Picard’s settings, under File Naming, is the option Rename files when saving ticked? If it isn’t, tags are written to files, but the file names themselves don’t change, so you won’t see any changes in Explorer.

You could also try again with some files and go to Help > View Error/Debug Log to see if there are any errors with the files you are trying to save (or post the contents of the log here).


Yep, the “Rename files” option did it! All good now.
Thanks so much for your help!