About different versions of the same work and merged recording titles


I think, that was your apology for your evidently unfounded votes No with automatically pasted note being out of all relation to my edit…


If you’re going to edit data in MusicBrainz, it is expected that you will at least do your best effort to follow established guidelines and best practices. If you want to edit without “any directives”, I would kindly ask that you edit elsewhere.

If you don’t agree with the status quo of guidelines and/or accepted best practices, you’re very welcome to suggest changes to these. If you need help/guidance with how/where to suggest/discuss such changes, feel free to send me an email.

Please mind your tone.

@paulakreuzer and @RocknRollArchivist both, please take a break for a day or two. There’s no need for this hostility. We all want the best data, even if we may not agree right now on exactly how this data should look. You two seem to have come to a “deadlock”, so the best course forward is likely to take a step back.