Abbreviations in community posts

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IOW = In other words

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SID Code = Source Identification Code

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GTIN = Global Trade Item Number

I generally only add abbreviations for things that have actually been discussed/used in the forums. I don’t recall “GTIN” being referred to anywhere. Can you remind me if I missed it or forgot about it?


Hasn’t been used here yet. Never mind that suggestion.

PRO = Performing Rights Organization / PROs = Performing Rights Organizations

A couple more that have already been used:
ASCAP = American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
BMI = Broadcast Music, Inc.
GEMA = Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte
ICE = International Copyright Enterprise
ISWC = International Standard Musical Work Code
JASRAC = Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers
SACEM = Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique

ICE #1 ICE #2

Used only once, probably not worth adding yet:

GRid = Global Release Identifier
Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry

(in english) SOCAN = Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
(in french) SOCAN = Société canadienne des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique

Another one: MBID/MBIDs = MusicBrainz identifiers (or maybe better vocabulary here, not sure?)

Edit: I see now it exists for the singular form but not the plural form! Spotted here.

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MBP = MusicBrainz Picard


How to re-scan entire library?


That one was new to me :slight_smile:

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Your kidding right? You! One of the major contributors? :wink:

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VM = virtual machine


Replication packets: how many?

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ID3 = [?; File tag format, name originally meaning ‘ID of mp3’]
Source: Reconciling Style Guide with ID3 spec among others

CE = Classical Extras
Source: Search " CE " in that thread (or elsewhere, sorting out French “ ce ”).

W&M = Work & Movements

FRBR = Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
IFLA = International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions


Book of carefully-edited songs, with CD: what Works?
Thoughts on data model: MB-Works, music scores, and FRBR-Expressions

BTW = By The Way


Classical Extras 2.0

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I can’t find anywhere stating that this even is an abbreviation to begin with. I feel like this is as much its own term as an abbreviation of anything. “MP3” would be a better candidate for an <abbr> tag, but I feel like that would also be superfluous.

These too seem too limited in scope and context sensitive. E.g., “W&M” was defined in the first post of that topic where it was used and I don’t think it’s been used in other topics. If it ever catches on as a general abbreviation used without context, sure, but doesn’t seem like a good candidate now.

Maaaybe, but also seems like it might be too frequently used for other meanings. Also, similar to “W&E”, it seems like “CE” as “Classical Extras” is mostly used in contexts where “Classical Extras” has already been spelled out first (e.g., the “Classical Extras” threads) and not really something people use when they first bring in/mention Classical Extras in a discussion.


Hm. The http link is as copied, but hitting blank, and with https I get a security warning. Well then, go to and, in left panel, navigate to Introduction: “The original standard for tagging digital files was developed in 1996 by Eric Kemp and he coined the term ID3. At that time ID3 simply meant “IDentify an MP3”.” Superfluous perhaps as in overflowing or too basic, yes.

W&M & CE and their ilk: Of course, just a completist note.

CE = Chaotic Evil

PCMCIA: People Can’t Remember Computer Industry Acronyms.
FUBAR: F… uh, never mind. You figure it out.

But it’s exactly the state that Picard helps you make recognizable …So, there!
On that sarcastic note, I think it’s a perfectly subtle stand in title :slight_smile:

2018.5 revisited. Just noticed that, at least, plural RGs is another basic one not yet auto-magified (today’s source), so:

RGs = Release Groups

I do not know about Rs and have no time to counter the forum feature ([Ctrl + F] hijacked to tunnel vision (i.e. not searching a fully expanded thread) and search excluding both ‘Rs’ and ‘ Rs ’ as too short), but should it not be routine by now for this thread, if someone proposes XYZ, to anticipate and admin the plural XYZs also; and do a retroactive sweep of this thread while it is just some 100 posts?

The issue with plurals is that the system does not distinguish between capitalisation, so RGS and RGs (and rgs and rGs and …) are the same, so if an abbreviation in plural conflicts with another abbreviation, it can cause issues. Hence I’m not adding plural abbreviations by default until those are specifically deemed necessary/needed.


= If I Recall Correctly

I just had to goggle this. (search)

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