Abbreviations in community posts

for what it’s worth, it could be referring to the Nintendo Entertainment System, as video game music is within the scope of MusicBrainz. might do a double abbreviation for this one~


I don’t know if there’s any fixing this one, but the abbreviation detection seems to ignore non-basic-Latin characters, like ‘æ’


I think I have a fix for this in Fix non-latin characters being considered word-boundaries by phw · Pull Request #6 · metabrainz/discourse-abbrify-words · GitHub

@zas Is this something you can merge and update in Discourse?

Don’t know if it qualifies for a fancy mouse-over, but if anyone’s wondering:

OG = Original Gangster, usually used to refer to the original/first version of something


If you want that you may also want YG, Young Gangsta

I am very hip and street

another addition, SC for SoundCloud

might add BC for Bandcamp and AM for Apple Music while we’re here? (granted, those two also have alternate meanings, for years Before Christ and Amplitude Modulation for radio respectively)


SC can also stand for Sens Critique, a website whose users often cross-post releases to MB.

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LLM for Large Language Model because I know at least one person asked what it meant.


BGM is BackGround Music


I didn’t know that ofc means “of course”, thank you @chaban.
It is used from time to time, not a lot: 27 results in the forums.


This looks so wrong :smiley:


Could we at least add “Alternating Current” to the description to make the tooltip for AC/DC less awkward? And probably then also Direct Current for DC.


What does PR mean? - its used in the MB meeting notes…


It means Pull Request. It’s a way to provide source code changes with the Git version control system. The term is mostly used in GitHub. Of a developer has done code changes, e.g. for implementing a feature or fixing a bug, they open a PR on GitHub, where the code then can be reviewed and finally “pulled” into the main source code repository.


I think we should remove “ (or air conditioner)” and keep only the abbreviation that is commonly used for MB: “artist credit”.

I don’t think we should clutter our stuff with things we don’t use (aircon, current, socks, bananas), it’s just noise in our context. :grin:

BTW GitLab merge request is a really better name for the same thing IMO.

Maybe we could change this subtitle to “GitHub pull request”… It could be more helpful?

It is in the context of these tool’s UIs. The name “pull request” comes from the original way git was used. The idea of a distributed version control system like git is that each developer can have their own repository. If developer A wants their code changes put into the repository of developer B they send B a request (e.g. by e-mail) to “pull” the changes from A’s repository.

Nowadays only few projects fully work this way. Most have adapted code hosters like Github, Gitlab or Codeberg and work with semi-centralized repositories and pull/merge requests via the UI of those tools.


Then maybe “Git pull request” would put our readers more on the track than just “pull request” subtitle?

Thanks! I knew that! - I kept reading it as a “Problem Report” ( ITIL language)!

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from Jira, GLHF is “Good Luck, Have Fun” (or maybe @rob is right, and it’s actually “Go long and hoark fast”…)

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CD language:

LBR stands for laser beam recorder.