Abbreviations in community posts

Sometimes there is a TLA too far. I am like @Llama_lover and know that DSL is a technical item as part of my broadband. We don’t really need to translate everyone’s shorthand. Sometimes we should just kick the writer of the note and get them to be clearer for the reader. We have many many trades and interests all mixing here and TLA’s are going to overlap a lot. They can’t all be defined.


Domain Specific Language (scripting language invented by foobar, used by Picard).


@dashv probably meant out of print.


TLC = Tender Loving Care / Tender Love and Care


CDDA: Compact disc digital audio
TAO: Track at once
SAO: Session at once

DAO: Disc at once
DAC: Digital to analogue (sound) converter


MPD = Music Player Daemon
Also mpd.



Hi, can we change btw to “by the way” or “By the Way”?
that uppercase “the” is killing me :joy_cat:


RDR = Recording Data and Rights Standards

Not found (yet) in our forum posts. :wink:

I think it’s the criteria to include an abbreviation in our lexicon.


IANAL = I am not a lawyer


Without this explanation, I would have read that as I am an anal (I am an annoyingly obsessive person)! :thinking:


The concept of having and explaining abbreviations in posts is surely interesting.
But if I am honest, I think that when somebody writes a post, it shouldn’t be too much of a burden on that poster to try and write plain and full English.

I pretty much always find it to be some unnecessary distraction when people use abbreviations.
(except for more common ones that you would find in somewhat more serious literature such as: i.e., et al., etc. …)

Is it really that much of a brain- and time- saving exercise to write something like A.F.A.I.K instead of “as far as I know”?
Is it really that hard to type “If I recall correctly” instead of “IIRC”?

And does the minor brain- and time- saving that perhaps (and I even doubt that) benefits the poster, validates the extra strain and effort on all readers?

And do take into account that not all forum members and readers are native English speakers.
For many of them (us) learning, reading, and expressing themselves in English is already an effort.
Additionally having to manage and understand all sorts of abbreviations, or having to hover over some explanatory pop-up is an additional and distracting effort.

I am aware this is mainly some general and unfocused rant/observation, but I thought it would be good to voice some counter weight against promoting and supporting the use of abbreviations too much.


I agree 200%, I’ve never really enjoyed reading English abbreviations, including eg and ie.
Hopefully for eg and ie, there is this helping Disclose plugin.

Well, those have a latin origin…
(very ancient, wise, interesting, etcetera)
Using them in sentences make me feel studied and posh.

Using AFAIK or IIRC make me feel lazy.

in Pen-names as aliases or as separate entries

wrt = with regards to

also’d like to add
vedr. = vedrørende (concerning)
(the norwegian equivalent)

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What is a PSA?

A public service announcement, commonly known by the PSA acronym, is a message spread in the interest of the public. The objectives of PSAs are to raise awareness and change public attitudes, opinions, or even behavior towards an issue. These messages can be instructional, inspirational, or even shocking to elicit emotion and action.

Found at



CSS = Cascading Style Sheets


Yes we might often read user CSS, like user JS too.

JS = JavaScript.


SEO = Search Engine Optimization


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Aha, ‘search engine optimization’ matches ‘SEO’.

Goto Wikipedia search hit article search engine optimization for verification of meaning, though still supposed.

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