A script using _extension doesn't run automatically?

Having this script:


it will not run automatically when matching a release/recording.
Only after manually running the script (right-click menu) it will run.

What am I missing here?

Nothing. The problem is that scripts get run on the data loaded from MB, and there is no file available at this stage so file specific variables are not available.

There had been attempts to make file metadata available for the tagger script, but the patch for this was not working properly. Also I think it would never really work satisfyingly, because the script was still only run after loading and only under certain circumstances files are already available when a release got loaded.

What we should have instead is allowing script to be run when files get attached to a track, so it doesn’t matter if the file is already assigned to the release when loading or later. There is a ticket for this somewhere.


Ah, thanks. That clears it up.
I can live without this feature :wink: