A script to write tags in sentence case?

I prefer to have my genres written in sentence case.

So e.g.:

Calypso jazz
Canterbury scene
Dark wave
Progressive electronic

instead of:

Calypso Jazz
Canterbury Scene
Dark Wave
Progressive Electronic

I haven’t been able to figure out how to create a script that will write tags in sentence case.

Perhaps something like the following (untested code):


Note that this would go in as a tagging script and not in the file naming script.


Thanks, I copy/pasted it, but I get a ‘wrong number of arguments’ error.
(and it’s beyond my abilities to figure out how to correct it and make it work)

I was missing one comma. Sorry about that. Have updated it in the original post above.

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It looks like it’s working great.
Thanks @rdswift!

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Thanks for confirming it works. Glad I could help.

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