A live recording from 1996-07 until 1996-10?

most sources have this album recorded in 1996:

But the booklet has “more detailed” information: Recorded between July and October 1996
This time span includes live recordings at 4 different locations plus bonus studio recordings at 2 different studios.

I added the full period to all recordings - it’s the most exact date we have - but it looks very wrong for a live recording … from 1996-07 until 1996-10

Maybe it would be better to do without the exact information and only to name the year … in 1996 (???)

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It would be quite well if we could choose another UI option a la “Recorded between this and that date”. Until then maybe just add a note to explain the range?


“between” instead of “from/to” would be a more meaningful representation*, but it’s still strange to have period of months for a single live recording.

I will add a note, but I think I will fall back on the most exact single date known (“in 1996”) - for the recording (!) and if nobody protests…

*) not only for recording date, “between” would also fit better for instrument credits, recorded at… etc.


I share your concerns that it does not look very good, but I would still use the date range + annotation, as it’s the maximum we can do with what we have.


I don’t think it is uncommon for a band on tour to record all the concerts on the tour, then release a live album which contains what they consider to the best version of each song. If they don’t tell you down to song level which one came from which date then the range seems like the best you can do.