A live recording from 1996-07 until 1996-10?

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most sources have this album recorded in 1996:

But the booklet has “more detailed” information: Recorded between July and October 1996
This time span includes live recordings at 4 different locations plus bonus studio recordings at 2 different studios.

I added the full period to all recordings - it’s the most exact date we have - but it looks very wrong for a live recording … from 1996-07 until 1996-10

Maybe it would be better to do without the exact information and only to name the year … in 1996 (???)

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It would be quite well if we could choose another UI option a la “Recorded between this and that date”. Until then maybe just add a note to explain the range?


“between” instead of “from/to” would be a more meaningful representation*, but it’s still strange to have period of months for a single live recording.

I will add a note, but I think I will fall back on the most exact single date known (“in 1996”) - for the recording (!) and if nobody protests…

*) not only for recording date, “between” would also fit better for instrument credits, recorded at… etc.

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I share your concerns that it does not look very good, but I would still use the date range + annotation, as it’s the maximum we can do with what we have.