A Few Simple Operational Questions

I have been working with MusicBrainz for a short time and read much of the documentation, however, I have not been successful in my attempts to understand a few things. I would greatly appreciate answers to the following questions. I am using MusicBrainz on a MacBook running macOS and I was processing several thousand files.

  1. Is it necessary to select something to save or is everything just automatically saved when I select ‘save’? The reason I ask is that when the app appeared to be finished processing I selected save. Then I noticed that something new appeared at the bottom of the screen.

  2. What are the four numerics that are reflected in the lower right section of the app window? Again, after selecting ‘save’ I then noticed that these numbers were changing. Particularly the numeric farthest right was decrementing.

  3. I noticed that several files were still listed as ‘unclustered’. Are these files also saved when I select ‘save’?

  4. How do I know for certain that the app is finished processing and is ready for the save command? I do not see a working pinwheel and as the app had been working for a couple of hours and appeared to be done working, I simply thought it was time to save.

My apologies if this sounds dumb, but I did search the documentation for the word ‘save’ and it left me wondering.


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Only selected files get saved. Often you don’t want to save everything, but only 5hose files that have been properly tagged.

There are tooltips for those numbers. They are, in order, number of files loaded, number of MusicBrainz releases loaded, number of files with pending action (e.g. loading, saving, fingerprinting), and number of active network requests.

Yes, if you select them. Note that for those files only the existing tags are available. Your file naming script might or might not work in this case, depending on what tags it makes use of and how it was written.

While it is loading release information on the right the release shows as [loading album information], once it has finished the release title is shown instead. At that point the files assigned to that release can be saved.

You can see that Picard has no pending tasks look at the numbers for pending files and pending network requests. If both are 0 nothing is pending.


Wow! Great… Thanx for that information. One additional question:

So I was running Picard on about 5K files. As the information in the right-hand pane changes from ‘loading album information’ to the finished release title, can I at that time inspect, select and save that item and Picard will continue to process other items… Can I save some stuff without Picard terminating or crashing and can I do this repeatedly?

thanx again