I’ve been trying to download the tar.gz2 files but i only get 65K download speed What kinda sh*t is this?

What files? And what do you mean by “65K download speed”?


When I just tried it (only a part, of course), I got a download speed of about 1.9 Mb/s, or about 240 kB/s. You still haven’t said what you mean by 65 Kelvin as a speed, but it’s possible that it was slower for you (quite likely if you tried during the U.S. day, when the server and the network are being used the most).

The FTP server (there are actually two of them) and the required bandwidth for it are donated by OSUOSL (Oregon State University); it serves a lot of other open-source projects, too. If we had to serve the data from our own servers, it would definitely be much slower. :slight_smile:

So I can only recommend patience, and perhaps to try it again during off hours.

(Do you even need the edit dump, by the way? It’s rarely useful, mostly for some development or research purposes.)