3 Really Needed Improvements... for Picard

For example, for all the music I’ve saved, I only want to see the original and new values for the Album art that’s inserted in the file, the Lyrics, Original Date, and Genre Tags (or whatever else I might like). Those are the only things I want to see the before and after values for, to add them potentially to my mp3’s. I don’t want to see/change anything else.

I saw this was suggested recently, so this is definitely something that would make things easier for us if you could add it to Picard. It’s really a pain to have to see and remove/change so many other tags that I don’t want or are wrong. So, having ONLY what we want to see/change as an option would make editing our files a LOT easier, so “other” Tags are not touched.

I was trying to find an easy way to add the front cover art image to my Mp3’s and I found “Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader” and it’s amazingly easy to add Cover Art to your music files. The only problem sadly is the program doesn’t work anymore. You click apply and it won’t add the cover art to the file you selected (though it did do it to one file, but not any others I tried).

Anyway, it was nice to see all the image files it found and it was easy and fast to add the image you wanted to your Mp3. So, as the below image shows, I figured a similar way we could do the same in Picard… So it would be really great if you could add this new Column to the Search Results, or make a checkbox for those of us who want the images to also show.

Thank you for everything… Hope you add these soon. It’s a nightmare that I have to manually edit some 3,000 Mp3’s, the only way I’ve been able to find it be somewhat easy is with Mp3tag and Google Image Search that works (but this takes a million years).
Picard also works, but it’s far more complicated. The above improvements (and as shown in the image below) would make ALL the difference in the world for me to edit my files far far faster rather than using Google and Mp3tag.

Thanks again… :slight_smile:

(p.s. Open below image in new tab/etc. to see a bigger more clear version.)

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Cover Art: You already can drag & drop files to the Cover or New Cover, from your file system or from a webpage.

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LOL… That’s weird. I had tried it and it didn’t work when I did it?

So, I’ll remove that request… But I DO see it needs a “copy/paste” option when right clicking.

Did you know you can mark specific tags to show always at the top of the list in Options > User interface > Top tags? For keeping the values of existing tags you can add those tags in Options > Tags > Preserve these tags from being cleatred or overwritten. If you never ever want to write a specific tag with data obtained from MusicBrainz (even if it is not yet in your files) you’d need to clear these tags using a script and the $unset function. There are a couple of discussions on how to do this in this forum.

This already exists, and it basically shows the same as in your mockup:

All of the above works :smiley: You can drag and drop image files on the cover art box, you can drag and drop URLs there (and it supports e.g. Google or Bing image search and fetches the proper URL), or you can right click on the cover and select “Choose local file…”). Ok, right click and “Paste from clipboard” does not yet exist, that could be interesting to add maybe.

We have that already in the “Search for similar albums”, so yes, I guess we could also do this for the track search (as it already shows also album details). But we must check whether this API request already returns the necessary details, might be this will need an additional request per displayed row, which would not be so great :frowning:

  1. Yes, but I still have to delete all the other tags which I either don’t need in the file or are wrong, so that’s a pain.

  2. While I haven’t tested it yet, if I do set certain tags to NOT be changed/touched, can I still manually EDIT the tag and then it WILL change it?

Anyway, it would be nice to just have a simple section in settings in which we “choose” what we want potentially changed rather than all this other complicated stuff, and also may not even allow editing.

LOL, and I messed up again… I hadn’t tried an “existing” file with cover art apparently to see that feature is already there LOL

Ya, already got spanked above LOL. And yes, actually BOTH Copy and Paste would be good/useful as right-click options.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

  1. Search for similar Albums? I’m not seeing that option in the program? Is it a plugin? I’ll check.
    Nope… Not in Plugins… and I can’t find anything related to that in the program?

Oh, I found it… I’m guessing you’re talking about the “Search Field” that’s in the program?
It WOULD be really good if we could have a “Link” we click on that automatically populates the search fields like the Track search does. I mean, having to “Manually” type in our search info for every file is too much?

But, I do see LOL, just like I requested the Album Search DOES include the Album Covers in a nice column just like I was wanting LOL.

BTW, is there no such thing as “Track Covers”? I find them easy in Google Images?
Has no database been created for Track covers other than Google?

  1. Yes, really want this for the Track search since I’ve saved the tracks I like, and only have “some” mp3’s in a folder specifically for an album I like. There are only a “small #” of albums I like, and not all have tracks I like so I haven’t saved those.

Thanks for responding… :slight_smile:

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One other request…

In the Search Window could you make the “Columns”… “movable”?
For example, I would want to move the Cover Column over next to the Track/Album NAME etc. so I can see the data I want to see all together without “scrolling” sideways for every one.

And don’t forget, I would like to be able to “just” select drag/drop and copy/paste the image in the New Cover Art spot. Not change “all” the tag info. So, just change the image alone.