[2.7.0.dev3] Picard no longer accepts command-line arguments, e.g., directories to tag

Please bring this back. This bash guy who lives in my command line is :confounded:

$ picard "Various Artists -- Wintertime Blues (2000) (mp3)"/
[6] 27157
bash: Various Artists -- Wintertime Blues (2000) (mp3)/: Is a directory

On the plus side, since I never remember to put the & on after the directory, this automatically puts it into bg.

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I can’t test this right now, but will do as soon as I am back. But I’m a bit confused, as I don’t think we changed something on how Picard is being launched. What operating system are you using and how exactly have you installed Picard?

That “[6] 27157” indicates that it’s bash itself that put the job with process id into the background, not picard itself. You can check with alias picard, declare -f picard, type -t picard whether picard is an alias, function, or something else entirely. Whatever it is, it’s very likely that picard is not just the picard binary on your system :slight_smile:


@mineo: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

$ which picard ; alias picard ; type -t picard
alias picard='picard &'
$ \picard . &
[6] 99282

The second command works as expected; embarrassed I didn’t catch this…and I don’t remember adding it but my ~/.bash_aliases is ca. 150 lines so who knows. I probably got tired of having to ^Z $ bg and didn’t consider the consequences.

On that note, more CLI support for Picard would be nice…though off the top of my head I can’t think of any ideas except maybe a -y to automatically save fully-matched releases and exit, e.g.,

$ picard -y FILE 

would automatically tag and save “FILE” then exit.