120,000 Songs. Program crashes

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Ok this is what I was looking for. ie, the easiest way to tag my entire albums at once. Also, do I need to go through the songs that were not recognized manually?


I would try use ‘scan’ on the remaining files on the left, and see if that matches a few more - but you’ll probably have to do more manual matching on these, as ‘scan’ will ignore existing tags and just use the audio fingerprint (meaning songs will get matched to compilations etc much more often).

‘cluster’ > ‘lookup’ > ‘scan’ (on remaining files) > ‘lookup in browser’ (manually matching the very last files)
should hopefully catch most of your songs!

Anything left over you might have to add to the database yourself :slight_smile:
I know I’ve already mentioned this, but I wouldn’t save over your original files without at least double checking what Picard is doing (the gold CD icon is not foolproof!)


Thanks for the reply again. Yes, I am learning fast with the program and know it isn’t foolproof. This is going to take ages to finish this project. I am hoping one day my son who is only 7 right now can take over this project when I die meaning collecting and tagging. But I am sure physical (anything) will be extremely obsolete.


You should just buy some CD, it will be less time consuming, just play. And I’m pretty sure it will still remain easier for years. :wink:
Sorry to pop in in such an inelegant manner but I really wanted to say that this topic title made me laugh without mean intentions when I saw it created.
I wondered if it was a joke or a provocation because it really looked like a parody of the worse Picard topics we saw recently. :smiley:
You seriously can’t blindly trust any program to do anything good for you on a batch of millions of totally random files, there is no such hope.


Also Picard is a 32bit program and any 32bit program will get unstable around the 2GB mark no matter how much memory you have in your machine.


Well, it’s a Python program—so it’ll be 64-bit if run under a 64-bit Python. Probably it’s 32-bit on Windows, but at least on Debian Linux, it’s 64-bit.

So if you are hitting the 32-bit 2GiB limit, you could try again under Linux. (But seriously, fewer tracks at once…)


Hey @thedeadinme,

Further to @aerozol’s point I’ve just introduced the following thread to the forum, which may help you:

Review/research “best” workflow Review/research "best" workflow

Hope this is useful


Crash recovery

Its crazy how much I have learned since I made this initial post. It would be suicide to do such n add. I like adding 30-50 albums at once. Well per session.