001_errors [5]: Found parent which is descendant of child -- inconsistent results

I have two recordings of exactly the same work. One produces an error 5 “Found parent which which is descendant of child” [sic] from Picard; the other doesn’t. Looking at the metadata on MB I can’t find any differences which would cause this. Any help appreciated.

This recording produces the error:

This one is OK:

They both appear to refer to the exact same work, which does not appear to have any cycles or parent-child issues:



Thanks for the report. I can’t reproduce this. Do you load these recordings as part of a specific album or as standalone recordings? How exactly does this error show, can you maybe show a screenshot of what you got and share the output of Help > Show Error/Debug Log?

Also do you have any specific plugins enabled

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Sorry, should have added more detail in my first post. I’m using Picard 2.8 with Classical Extras 2.0.14. I’ll send you my CE settings if you need them.

I’m trying to tag a couple of box sets, so they’ll take a long time to load if you try that. They are:


(disc 10, track 9) which shows the error, and


(disc 77, track 3) which does not show the error.

I’ll reply separately with the error log. When I did Help → Show Error Log it put up a spinner that has been going for over an hour. I’ll probably have to force-quit and lose all my cached data for those box sets.

Here is a snippet of the error log that shows the problem. Unfortunately it doesn’t say much beyond the error message itself. I’m currently using Debug verbosity. Let me know if there’s a higher verbosity I can set that would give more detail.

E: 16:03:46,133 /Users/kevinosinski/Library/Preferences/MusicBrainz/Picard/plugins/classical_extras.zip/classical_extras/init.write_log:256: Classical Extras: Found parent which is descendant of child - not using, to prevent circular references. id = 45afb3b2-18ac-4187-bc72-beb1b1c194ba, name = Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244

There are 32 of these in a row in the log.

Are the Work Relationships lawful?
Specifically your Work

is Part of

But is this Work lawfully Part of

Or is it Part of a Later translation?

Not sure what you mean by “lawful”. There are English translations of some of the parts of the main work, however these appear to be handled correctly AFAIK. And the specific parts where there are translations are not the parts which cause errors. Errors only appear on a subset of all the parts of the work (or, more accurately, the recordings thereof).

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lawful = not breaking the rules of the schema.
“parent which is descendant of child” seems suggestive of a breach.
But if all Work relationships are correct then problem lies elsewhere.

I could not reproduce the exact issue. But Classical Extras logs this message when it detects circular references for works (i.e. if a work references a work that is also a child in the hierarchy further down). I can’t really see this here, but maybe I just miss something or the detection in Classical Extras has some issue.

But apart from the log message this should have no impact on the rest of the loading for that release. Or do you have some specific issue with this release after it has loaded? If so, maybe @MetaTunes (author of Classical Extras) can help

Hi @kevinosinski. I did reproduce the issue (actually using different releases from your box set, but containing the relevant recordings). Rather strange and may take a bit of work to get to the bottom of it. One associated issue, which may offer a clue, is that on the recording without the ‘error’, the top work is shown as being Teil 2, not the full work, so that’s not right either, but may be why it does not flag the ‘error’.


Glad you could reproduce it. I can proceed without a fix; I just wanted to report it. It’s a strange issue.It’s rare to see an error (as opposed to a warning) reported from Classical Extras, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks for your help.

Research notes
Produces Error message:
Recording: https:// musicbrainz.org/recording/353a8840-e866-44c7-a618-9e7b56c69698
Work: https:// musicbrainz.org/work/3f6f6d83-e19e-3ca1-a0c2-c89bb144635d

Produces No Error message:
Recording: https:// musicbrainz.org/recording/c2b9bba6-f6d7-4d41-b8fa-cda251b2c910
Work: https:// musicbrainz.org/work/3f6f6d83-e19e-3ca1-a0c2-c89bb144635d

Check Work:
Work: Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244: Teil II, XXXII. Choral “Mir hat die Welt trüglich gericht’”
https:// musicbrainz.org/work/3f6f6d83-e19e-3ca1-a0c2-c89bb144635d

Is part of Work: Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244: Teil II (order: 3)
https:// musicbrainz.org/work/8d3c81cf-ea5e-4189-8a98-1551ddaa7bfe

Is part of Work: Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244 (order: 2)
https:// musicbrainz.org/work/45afb3b2-18ac-4187-bc72-beb1b1c194ba

Is part of later translated versions Work: St Matthew Passion, BWV 244
https:// musicbrainz.org/work/7be31390-812a-4c5a-8daa-26e25b11ecba

Work linked at this level is instead
Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244 ~ Oratorio
https:// musicbrainz.org/work/45afb3b2-18ac-4187-bc72-beb1b1c194ba

which has
later translated versions: St Matthew Passion, BWV 244
https:// musicbrainz.org/work/7be31390-812a-4c5a-8daa-26e25b11ecba

Are these Relationships correctly entered?
I’ll go out on a poorly informed limb and make a falsifiable statement:
“https:// musicbrainz.org/work/45afb3b2-18ac-4187-bc72-beb1b1c194ba is not correctly related.”

Edit: If I’m correct then, “No Error message” for Recording: musicbrainz.org/recording/353a8840-e866-44c7-a618-9e7b56c69698 may be a false negative.

(Remembering the good ol’ days when “false negative” and 'false positive" wasn’t everyday language.)
I misread the juxtaposition of
____later translated versions:

Work appears to have correct parent-child Relationships.